About 700 Islands Energy

700 Islands Energy is a Renewable Energy development company focused on reducing energy expenses and carbon emissions within the nation of Bahamas and greater Caribbean region.

700 Islands Energy own and operates the largest Biodiesel refinery in the Caribbean in partnership with Bahamas Waste Limited, the Bahamas’ premiere, and publicly traded waste collection company. The refinery is located in Nassau on the Bahamas Waste campus. Bahamas Sustainable Fuels, the partnership entity produces and distributes locally produced high-quality Biodiesel for use as renewable fuel for transportation and power generation. Learn more at www.BahamasSustainableFuels.com

700 Islands Energy is a Bahamian Limited Corporation which has exclusive distribution rights for Sunshine Renewable Diesel Fuel, a unique lower cost reduced carbon diesel substitute. Also available from 700 Islands Energy is Sunshine Biofuels EPA approved and patented Alternative Fuel Conversion System which allows any diesel engine to operate reliably on 100% renewable fuels like Biodiesel or Sunshine Renewable Diesel. Learn more at www.GoSunshineBiofuel.com

700 Islands Energy has exclusive distribution rights for up to 56.42 billion standard cubic feet of natural gas per year provided by an agreement with STROM, Inc. A United States LNG producer located in Florida. Learn more at www.StromSolutions.com and parent company https://www.glaubenbesitz.com

700 Islands Energy also has distribution rights for a patented dual fuel diesel natural gas conversion system which can allow any diesel engine to operate reliably on either Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) or Compressed Natural Gas Fuels without losing the ability to operate on diesel or biofuel. This versatile system allows for significant economic and environmental savings when pairing gaseous fuels and biofuels. Learn more at www.baramgtc.com/

700 Islands mission is to reduce the cost of energy and emissions to improve and expand the quality of life for the people of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and greater Caribbean region.